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Jam Games 24 hr games WIP




In a sense, ALL the games on this site are works in progress. However, the games featured in this section are still being developed.


Turing: Dinosaur Hunter

Web link (Unity) | Windows Build | Mac OS X Build | Linux Build

Turing: Dinosaur Hunter screenshot

For this one, I tried to focus on making the gameplay fun.

Another game that has it's roots in #ludumdare. Fellow Ludumite Yeti asked if I wanted to make a warm-up game and compete with him. The theme was time travel. After our deadline of 3.5 hours, the concept was there but not much gameplay aside from movement. 23 and a half hours have gone into making this so far.


Some kinda tactics game:

WIP tactics game

When Wonkyth asked on #ludumdare if anyone could help him prototype his game idea, how could I refuse? Prototyping games is what I DO. However, Wonkyth doesn't drop by nearly often enough and I end up waiting on input a lot.

It's supposed to be Fire Emblem meets Worms (or something like that). It's very early and there's not much to it: left click to select and move, right click to attack (if you're close enough).



Jam Games

These are games that have been made for game jams, which are game-making competitions with tight restrictions on time.

A few of these games weren't finished in time for their respective competitions. Many of them have been improved afterwards, which is usually signified by a version labelled "post-jam" or "post-compo."

Ludum Dare #27: Ten Seconds - Pro Crastinator

Ludum Dare 27 Screenshot

Features good graphics that were made entirely in-house, but sound is conspicuously absent.


Ludum Dare #26: Minimalism - Minimal Adventure

Ludum Dare #26: Minimalism screenshot

Intuitive, minimal controls and nice sound. However, the awesome intro that was added Post-Compo belies the amount of gameplay that's actually there.


A bunch of other games we made for Ludum Dare can be found here. We just haven't had a chance to post them all to the site.


7dfps - Zombies on Skiis

Web link (Unity) | Windows Build | Mac OS X Build | Linux Build

7dfps screenshot

Originally made for 7dfps but never quite finished and not submitted. It's technically just a toy and not a game but it's a really fun toy.

Use WASD and the mouse to control yourself on skiis. You ski downhill and while you do have some speed control, how you move is largely determined by which way your skiis point and gravity. Hold the right mouse button to lock the skiis in the direction they are pointing.

The ski lift is functional, both for the player and the zombies.

Uses a free zombie model from Mixamo and a free rocket launcher model from Unity technologies.


Mini-LD #44: 7dRTS - Zombie Tactics

Web link (Unity) | Windows Build | Mac OS X Build | Linux Build

Zombie Tactics screenshot

Overwhelm the well-armed humans by micro-managing a hoarde of mindless zombies.

This one went way, way over the deadline and therefore was not submitted to the jam. It clocks in at about 3 weeks of work and probably had more hours put into it than any game here.

The illustrations were done by Phaedra Fletcher.

It is still incomplete but there are three levels and it may be revisitted in the future. Probably not, though, as other games have managed to be more fun with less work.


Bacon jam 05: Lights Out - In the Temple of Guns and Darkness

baconjam 05 screenshot

An attempt at combining a FPS and puzzle game. The first two levels were meant to introduce you to the concepts of the game. Unfortunately, those were the only two levels made.


Hack-A-Jam: Destruction - Untitled

Hackajam: Destruction screenshot

An early attempt at a 48-hour jam entry. Not bad for what it is.

It might not actually be untitled but if I gave it a title, I've forgotten it. -Trevor


New Year Game Jam `12 - `13 - StarHawks

NYGJ screenshot

Another early jam entry attempt that has only one level. It's kinda cute but way too easy.





24-Hour Games

Adventures in rapid prototyping.

These games were all made in less than 24 hours. Typically, much less. The games tend to get better with time, as you scroll down. Making these was initially the subjeft of Trevor's New Years' Resolution.


#1: Bats

Web link (Unity) | Windows Build | Mac OS X Build | Linux Build

screenshot of game #1 bats

I pulled this theme from here. Whoever made that, thank you!

This was my first attempt at making a game in one hour, and the only one in which I really did stick to said hour. The menu (also made during the hour), describes the game that I felt would be very doable for my first game-making-hour. Clicking Play reveals the laughable reality. "Enjoy!" ;)

#2: Teamkilling

Web link (Unity) | Windows Build | Mac OS X Build | Linux Build

Game #2 screenshot

Another theme I got from here. This game was also made with a one-hour goal in mind and I went over that goal by about ten minutes.

This time, I had a better idea of what kind of gameplay I could implement in an hour. The result is that this is a "complete" arcade game based on one simple mechanic. There isn't much to it, but you can try to beat your own best time (if you can remember it).

When I originally made this, I ran over my one-hour goal by ten minutes. Since then, I added one more "teammate" to make the game less boring.

#3: Hollywood Physics

Web link (Unity) | Windows Build | Mac OS X Build | Linux Build

Game #3: Hollywood Physics screenshot

I think this brings new meaning to the term "fantasy violence." Another theme from the same random generator. I really love this theme and am happy with how this game turned out, despite there being no point to it. I wanted exploding cars but settled for a game with unrealistic shooting and gratuitous violence. Be sure to check out the ammo counter. I will probably come back to this in the future.

Another game that was intended to be made in an hour, this one took me an hour and twenty minutes. It is one of my favorites.

#4: Disaster

Web link (Unity) | Windows Build | Mac OS X Build | Linux Build

Game-A-Day Game #4: Disaster screenshot

Also from the same random theme generator. Also made in roughly an hour.

Pee-yew! This game stinks! I guess they can't all be good. The problem lies in Unity's DragRigidBody script, or my inability to master it. First of all, I wasted a good portion of my hour on a nice top-down camera system only to discover that I couldn't make DragRigidBody work with it. I still don't know why. So, to finish the game in time I resorted to an FPS-style camera. DragRigidBody will work with this, but even then it is finicky as hell and I don't know why.

Initially, the controls were even worse, because you had to line up the cursor with objects, which would of course change your view as you attempted to do so. I since took a few minutes to make it a little better by capturing the mouse and adding a sphere to show you the center of the screen, but the controls are still really, really bad and you won't pick up objects by clicking on them most of the time, even though you should be able to. Oh well.

#5: Massive, Low-Res Battle

Web link (Unity) | Windows Build | Mac OS X Build | Linux Build

Game-A-Day Game #5: Massive, Low-Res Battle screenshot

This was an excellent theme suggested by Cellusious via #LudumDare, Afternet IRC. It's not so much a game as it is a simulation (and even that is being generous).

I like this one. I was skeptical that I would be able to make pixelated graphics with Unity, so I'm happy to have pulled it off. I used an orthographic camera and cubes aligned to a grid.

I set-out to make this in an hour but halfway through I decided I wanted to add sounds. It took two and a half hours, but I later took another half-hour to make sure no more than 64 sounds play at once (which seems to help things), for three hours total. For the time involved, I don't think having sound adds much to this game.

#6: Virtual-Virtual-Skeeball

Web link (Unity) | Windows Build | Mac OS X Build | Linux Build

Uses OFL font "Press Start" which is Copyright (c) 2011, Cody "CodeMan38" Boisclair

Game-A-Day $6: Virtual-Virtual-Skeeball Screenshot

This theme, Virtual-Virtual-Skeeball, came from the 0h game jam (and of course, from Futurama before that). All the games posted here so far were initially intedended to be practice for this jam, before I got the crazy idea of releasing a game a day. Sadly, I flaked on the actual jam and didn't start this game until a week late.

I think this one's the best so far. That's no surprise though, as I spent the most time on it.

When I was making it for the jam, it took me three hours to get the basic ball-rolling-on-skeeball-machine mechanic down. Much of this time was spent in Blender. After spending so much time and after starting so late, I decided it wouldn't be in the spirit of the 0h game jam to submit it or spend any more time on it.

Before posting it here, I spent another couple of hours to add game-end conditions, the arcade for the machines to attack and said attack, and a menu with multiple difficulties. That means there were 5+ hours that went into this one.

I am aware that the machines are ugly and monotone. Hopefully, I'll come back to this later; I think it could really benefit from sounds and further polishing - but not at the expense of releasing a game a day.

#7: Have-To-Pee

Web link (Unity) | Windows Build | Mac OS X Build | Linux Build

Game-A-Day #7: Have-To-Pee screenshot

Based on another theme from here, this whole game is one huge setup for a silly little joke. I would call it a puzzle-game.

I kind of like it. It has no replay value whatsoever; the real fun lies in getting your friends to play and watching their reactions.

I made the bulk of this in a day but didn't keep close track of how long it took to make - my notes say, "A few more than several hours." I spent another hour before posting to add hints and make it a little less annoying. I would guess that means 8+ hours went into it. With it's public-domain textures, sounds by me and music by Kevin MacLeod, this is perhaps the most polished game so far.

#8: Adventurer

Web link (Unity) | Windows Build | Mac OS X Build | Linux Build

Game-A-Day #8: Adventurer screenshot

Based on another theme suggested via #LudumDare, Afternet IRC. Sorceress suggested, "Maze with traps," and that eventually conjured images of an Indiana-Jones type adventurer, plundering a trapped temple. So, that's what I made!

This uses some public-domain models made by STKRudy85 of

I didn't keep track of the time at all on this one; I really wish I had. I think four or more hours went into it.

#9: Shoot-a-Mole

Web link (Unity) | Windows Build | Mac OS X Build | Linux Build

Game-A-Day #9: Shoot-a-Mole screenshot

No theme, this time. This game comes straight from my imagination. It features little, Bugs-Bunny-esque mole-hills made out of cubes. What's not to love?

Another one I didn't think to keep track of the development time of and wish I did. I made it super-fast by adapting Hollywood Physics, so I'd say it was on the short side of two hours.

#10: Humane Harry Hates Hares

Web link (Unity) | Windows Build | Mac OS X Build | Linux Build

Game-A-Day #10: Humane Harry Hates Hares

I know I said these were going to be released in the same chronological order they were developed in, but I'm taking a break from that to show you guys this.

This was based on an idea from fellow-Carpenter Brandon. This was right after our first Ludum Dare (LD23, if I recall correctly), and it was when we first started to think of Unity as a rapid-prototyping tool. The goal was to see if we could make a simple game in one night. Brandon thought of the gameplay (with some tweaks from me) and I stayed up until I had made this.

It took me ~8 hours. I was just getting my feet wet with Unity and I remember being blown-away at how "fast" I was able to put it together ;).

You can really tell how much I've "leveled-up" in game development since then. I find that very exciting. :)

#11: Whack-a-Mole

Web link (Unity) | Windows Build | Mac OS X Build | Linux Build

Game-A-Day #11: Whack-a-Mole

Shooting them was fun, why not whack them?

I realized whack-a-mole would be perfect for Game-A-Day, but I wanted the player to be doing more than just moving the mouse to click on things - that seemed a bit mindless. So, I had this idea that instead of the mallet going straight up and down, I would have the player throw it down and let physics take over until it bounces back to a reasonable height. It came out pretty much exactly how I wanted it to - a very rare thing.

This is another game from the era of, "Who-cares-how-long-it-takes;-make-a-game-in-a-day," but I would estimate it has ~3 hours of time invested.

This is the first Game-A-Day to actually keep track of high score (just while you run it) and it's about time! I would also say that this is a serious contender for being the most fun so far (with Virtual-Virtual-Skeeball being the other).

My only concern is that players might find the mallet's behavior frustrating. I regret that I didn't start with a straightforward approach because now I have no basis for comparison to know if my way of doing things really IS more fun. (Sure, I could add the straightforward behavior after-the-fact and let players choose in-game but I don't want to. Besides, it's on to the next game for me!)

#12: Cuberoids

Web link (Unity) | Windows Build | Mac OS X Build | Linux Build

Uses font "Karmatic Arcade" downloaded from here. The author is Vic Fieger. As of 1-12-13, His site seems to be down for maintenance, and doesn't mention any license.

Game-A-Day #12: Cuberoids screenshot

Buggy, ugly, and rather uninspired. Like I've said before; these can't all be winners.

This nasty timesink sucked about four hours. Before I started, I thought it should take about an hour to one-and-a-half hours to complete. In hindsight, I think it should have taken about an hour to one-and-a-half hours to complete.

I'll summarize what I learned with this bit of free advice for other Unity developers: if you know you can solve a problem with prefabs but for whatever reason are tempted not to, don't give in to that temptation.

#13: Ball-in-a-Cup

Web link (Unity) | Windows Build | Mac OS X Build | Linux Build

Game-A-Day #13: Ball-in-a-Cup screenshot

This is fun for a few minutes. It's neither great nor terrible. I thought I could just leverage Unity's physics to make this simple game but as it turns out, there are many subtle problems to overcome.

What I'm most proud of here is the level of worry I put into this. I could've spent hours perfecting the rope physics and making the ball never pass through the cup without cheating, but the game might not have been any more fun than it is. Instead, I think I managed to get it "good enough" with the time I had (about 3 hours).

This act of balancing quality with time may not seem like a laudable trait to a layperson, but in my humble opinion, it is absolutely essential to making games and is an area I need much more practice in.

#14: Xylophone Hero

Web link (Unity) | Windows Build | Mac OS X Build | Linux Build

Game-A-Day #14: Xylophone Hero screenshot

I really, really like this one. Play it! :)

Uses Rexlia Rg font by Ray Larabie.

I think this took 4-5 hours. They were worth it. I only wish I could have found wooden xylophone sounds, and had a chance to match each block's size to it's sound.

It's fun to see what other songs besides Twinkle Twinkle you can pick out. I'll leave that to you. :)

#15: Freakout!

Web link (Unity) | Windows Build | Mac OS X Build | Linux Build

Game-A-Day #15: Freakout! screenshot

It's a breakout clone. My idea to make it original was to make the paddle bouncey. I don't think it turned out terribly fun.

There are four levels total but not much point in clearing them. It's not really a bad game, but I do believe it has controls only a developer could love. Also, the ball gets stuck sometimes. Oh, and the ball is hard to follow amongst the debris. On second thought, maybe it is a bad game.

3 hours went into this one.

#16: Cube Invaders

Web link (Unity) | Windows Build | Mac OS X Build | Linux Build

Game-A-Day #16: Cube Invaders screenshot

I like this one. I keep telling myself it's too simple to be much fun. However, I noticed I spent a lot of time playing it while I was making it so I might just be wrong.

About 5 hours went into this. At least one of those hours was spent learning Unity editor scripting, though. Not because I thought this project needed it; rather, because I've been looking for an excuse to learn. Instantiating some invaders in a grid was as good a reason as any!

#17: Szymon

Web link (Unity) | Windows Build | Mac OS X Build | Linux Build

Game-A-Day #17: Szymon

Simple, fun and addictive! Everything these games should be!

This uses sounds from iNudge (and my voice) and another font from Ray Larabie: Dream Orphanage. Ray is probably my go-to guy for fonts from now on; his license agreement is crystal clear and (as far as I can tell) doesn't require attribution or make me contact him or jump through hoops of any kind. That's a big deal for making a game a day. I will always try to attribute my sources but with this pace, I face the very-real possibility of forgetting one. For that reason, I will always prefer things that are in the public domain, or that I'm licensed to use without attribution / permission. (Or that I make myself!)

Along the same lines. I HATE it when someone tries to be cool by calling their works "Open" even though they have a restrictive, cumbersome license agreement, or worse, don't allow commercial use at all. I wasted 30 minutes due to such a group. On one part of their site, they claimed to have released all works into an "Open" license (I read the license, it seemed clear I could use the assets with attribution). I used their sounds and later, when I was trying to attribute them, I found some conflicting information suggesting I needed to write to them to negotiate use of their assets!

Even worse, I found a Wikipedia article that says this group sued a band that used some sounds without permission! Saying on one part of your site that you only require attribution and suing someone because another part of your site says something different: that's low. Fortunately, my game is much better without those crappy sounds.

A little bit of time was also wasted because Unity uses capsule colliders for cylinders, and the cylinder's collider was blocking the buttons. Gets me every time.

Time wasting included, I made this in two-and-a-half hours, and I'm quite proud of that. :)

#18: Moon Mission

Web link (Unity) | Windows Build | Mac OS X Build | Linux Build

Game-A-Day #18: Moon Mission screenshot

Three and a half hours of development time went into this simple, fun game that has four levels, high score support and multiple difficulties. The gameplay is pretty polished. I'm proud of this one. :)

Uses a font called Trs-Million by Ray Larabie.

#19: Ping

Web link (Unity) | Windows Build | Mac OS X Build | Linux Build

Game-A-Day #19: Ping screenshot

I asked myself: could I re-make this classic 2-player game in half-an-hour? The answer: Not quite yet. About an hour went into this.

It features an innovative serve mechanism.

#20: Dark Maze

Web link (Unity) | Windows Build | Mac OS X Build | Linux Build

Game-A-Day #20: Dark Maze screenshot

This great idea was suggested to me by fellow-carpenter Phaedra Fletcher. The idea is that you have to traverse a maze, but you can only see the area immediately surrounding you. This is just a timed maze but could easily be expanded to be more of a game, Sorceress' earlier suggestion comes to mind.

Each time you play, one of two possible routes to the goal will open and the other will close.

This took a little less than two hours. Most of that time was spent tediously laying out the maze; as far as I can remember, this is the first time I've designed one since about 3rd grade.

#21: Cup-Shuffle-Hustle

Web link (Unity) | Windows Build | Mac OS X Build | Linux Build

Game-A-Day #21: Cup-Shuffle-Hustle screenshot

I think it's fun but I'm uncomfortable that I haven't had a chance to balance it based on feedback. The guy running the game will cheat you roughly 1-in-12 times. That actually makes him pretty generous.

My first remembered introduction to the shell game came from Bart VS The World. I think I added depth by letting the player wager, and further depth by making the shuffler occasionally cheat.

The font is Rafika by Ray Larabie. The game also uses some public-domain images from here.

This one sucked up more than seven and a half hours of time. Some of that was also spent learning (more) editor scripting.

I was starting to get burnt-out so I took a break from using the Pomodoro technique and working under tight deadlines and tried to take a more wishy-washy, "fun" approach to this (doing it while I watched some of these). This lead to much slower development than usual which resulted in even more burn-out. Lesson learned.

P.s. This is the second of these games to use a haiku for instructions. I've forgotten which is the first.

#22: Slidey Puzzle

Web link (Unity) | Windows Build | Mac OS X Build | Linux Build

Game-A-Day #22: Slidey Puzzle screenshot

Another game inspired by Bart VS The World's (crappy) minigames. Somehow, it's much more fun when you're playing it voluntarily and not experiencing it tacked-on to a platformer.

I love it. It features The Sleeping Venus but I rigged it so you can use any porn .jpg or .png from the internet.

Just shy of three and a half hours went into making this. I really like the results and this is probably the project that I'm most proud of "under the hood." This is an EXCELLENT project for someone looking to get more programming experience; it's very simple, but it's that kind of simplicity that doesn't easily translate to the computer-world.

It's hard to describe, but while I was making this, I could really tell how the experience I've gained from doing these games-a-day is helping me to become a better problem-solver, which is a really cool feeling.

#23: Pin the Tail on the Moon-Maggot

Web link (Unity) | Windows Build | Mac OS X Build | Linux Build

Game-A-Day #23: Pin the Tail on the Moon-Maggot screenshot

Another Futurama reference. A simple game with addictive gameplay (I think). I literally lost track of my development time on this one - I started it some time ago but lost the piece of paper I logged my time on. I'm sure it's on the short side of three hours of programming time.

This game features some really awesome artwork by fellow-carpenter Phaedra Fletcher. I was lucky enough to see the moon background in person; it's painted with metallic ink which makes it look really sweet!

#24: Jailbreak

Web link (Unity) | Windows Build | Mac OS X Build | Linux Build

Game-A-Day # 24: Jailbreak screenshot

My idea for this was to make a simple Frogger clone, having a chicken crossing the road. When I asked myself, "How can I make this orange-colored fellow into a chicken," I came up with the best-possible answer: don't!

You now play as a convict who's just broken out of prison.

I will admit the gameplay could have more depth for the 6ish hours that went into it. I still like it though.

#25: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Web link (Unity) | Windows Build | Mac OS X Build | Linux Build

Game-A-Day # 25: Rock, Paper, Scissors screenshot

The game of Rock, Paper, Scissors - designed for thinkers. This game uses absolutely no randomness or cheating*. Instead, the AI employs nine predictive strategies to try and guess your next move and beat you.

The idea is that it's RPS you can out-think. In practice, the AI is actually surprisingly good at doing it's simple job, and I am aware of only one strategy that beats it with any regularity. I could make it look out for that one strategy but I like that you actually have a shot at beating it as is. There's probably other strategies too** but I know what's going on behind the scenes and it beats me most of the time.

Another one I lost track of time on. I'm sure it was short of six hours total; I'm guessing about 4 hours went into it.

*If you don't believe me, try writing down some plays, resetting and repeating them.

**Not counting writing plays, resetting a bunch, and finding the perfect-playthrough by trial-and-error.

#26: Click-A-Mole

Web link (Unity) | Windows Build | Mac OS X Build | Linux Build

Game-A-Day #26: Click-A-Mole screenshot

I started on this for Klick of the Month Klub #72; my first time participating in that particular jam. I wasn't able to finish, however.

The jam involves making a game in 2 hours, preferrably using Klick-n-Play. I couldn't get KnP working with my system though, and since I already knew Unity, that's what I went with. Everyone in the affiliated chat was really friendly and I hope to participate again.

I had to stop working on this during the jam due to an emergency. I have finished it since. I'd estimate three hours went into it.


#27: Free Fall

Web link (Unity) | Windows Build | Mac OS X Build | Linux Build

Game-A-Day #27 Screenshot: Free Fall

Another theme from here. It's not the best game in the world, but it's functionally complete and I made it in 2 hours.





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